What is a VA?
A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self-employed business partner – not a salaried employee – whom you can rely on, to provide confidential professional administrative support when it suits you.

Benefits of using a VA
Hiring a VA is a cost effective solution for most businesses, particularly when compared with the cost of hiring a permanent or temporary staff member as you only pay for the time worked. There are no hidden or additional costs that are usually carried by the employer such as superannuation, work cover, sick and annual leave entitlements not to mention material overheads such as office space, computers, software, desks, stationery and other supplies.  All of this is included as part of the hourly rate, which for you, is also tax deductable!

How does it work?
VAs support their clients remotely from a home office, or, if required from the client’s business address, either on an ongoing basis or more temporarily for ad hoc tasks.  Communication and delivery of services between parties is done using the telephone and by email, internet, social media, instant messaging and Skype / Zoom.

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