I am an energetic, friendly and efficient operator, who has 16 years of Executive Assistant experience supporting senior executives, entrepreneurs and business owners with a complete range of administrative services.

I have experience in many industry sectors: in Human Resources, IT Projects, Organisational Change, Corporate Communications, Arts and Entertainment, Office Administration and Event Management. I also have an academic and working background in Exercise Science, Health and Alternative Therapies. I taught Pilates and have been a personal trainer and swimming coach for many years in addition to being a practicing Kinesiologist.

Helping people reach their full potential – whether it is mental, physical or professional – has always been a driving force of mine!

With professional writing and editing experience, I enjoy helping those who do not like administrative tasks but want to see consistency and professionalism throughout their documents, processes and systems. I love formatting, editing and creating efficient, user-friendly administrative systems.

As a creative thinker, I have experience liaising with and successfully supporting many different individuals and groups. I also enjoy helping those who are time poor when it comes to communicating well with others – whether they are staff, colleagues, clients, friends or family members! I am known to act with sensitivity and mature judgement when liaising between groups and delight in creating connections between people that are different and memorable for them.

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